& NGOs

Protect and promote emotional health
and wellbeing for the children and young
people in your care.

Flexible and affordable support and training from qualified Child and Educational Psychologists
for nurseries, primary and secondary schools as well as further education providers and NGOs.

Supporting you, to support them

If you’re a teacher, SENCO, support assistant or counsellor – you should be able to access educational psychology (EP) services to help you support the wellbeing and development of the children in your care.

But the traditional way of accessing EP services doesn’t match the time pressures, budget constraints and increasing needs of modern educational organisations.
That’s why at The Little Psychology Company, we’ve developed a new way of accessing educational psychology services that’s designed to fit in with modern life. Our qualified child and educational psychologists work with you and your teams through video consultations and use research-based approaches to explore your concerns. We then support you, your colleagues and students towards your preferred future.

Available when you need us

What we offer
Psychological and emotional support for you and your colleagues.
Consultations to discuss how to support children and young people in school.
Supervision for school-based counsellors.
Online training/CPD.
Teacher drop-ins.
Planning and review meetings.
No more need for
Travelling to and from meetings.
Room booking.
Arranging cover for lessons.
Lengthy referral processes.
Meeting problem thresholds.
Prioritising children and issues to discuss.
Why we’re different
We’re available for face to face video consultations,
seven days a week with availability to suit you.
We give you and your teams flexibility
with access to psychological support.
We help support you to manage
need and budgets.
We can train and advise on prioritising
the most critical and early interventions.
We also work with parents directly.
The Little Benefits
The Little Psychology Company can work alongside, or instead of, traditional routes to educational psychology services.
We offer simple, smart and affordable access to educational psychology without the need for thresholds, waiting lists and referral forms.

How it works

Contact us to find out how we can support your school and organisation.


Fill out our form to give us an idea of your organisation’s requirements


Our team will be in touch to discuss our range of flexible, affordable plans, or to design a solution specifically for your needs


Access direct one-to-one support and training for your teachers, counsellors and carers.

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